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The Swedish African Violet Society

Established in 1985, The Swedish African Violet Society is a national non-profit society for the promotion of growing African violets, i.e. plants of the genus Saintpaulia. Most of our members live in Sweden, but we also have members in other Nordic countries like Finland, Norway and Denmark, as well as countries elsehere in the world.

Our members' magazine "Saintpauliavännen" (meaning "The Saintpaulia Friend") is published in Swedish four times per year. In May each year, somewhere in Sweden, we hold our annual general meeting - and in connection with that there is also a flower show.

In addition to the annual show, our members represent the society at various garden fairs around the country, as well as hold local member meetings and activities. The plant material brought to fairs and local meetings is whatever material the participating members have available on the day.

Our website is at the moment only available in Swedish. Although there are translation websites available online, like Google Translate, their translations might not always make any sense. If you have any questions about our society, please send an email to webmaster followed by @saintpauliasallskapet.se

PLEASE do not contact us asking for work - we have no employment to offer.

The image above is part of our logotype.

Please do not use this image, or any other pictures from our website without contacting our webmaster first.

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